Dolce Vita Adventures

Travelling through Italy like a local.

Stress less, pack light,
Open your heart and come back richer.
Above all, be a passionate traveler.

Custom Italian Tours. Solo, with family, or friends.

Have it your way.

Maybe you’re already planning a trip to Italy, maybe you already have some ideas and locations in mind… BUT... maybe you’re also buried under a hundred web links and marked guidebooks, or maybe you’re getting swamped with friends’ suggestions?  Too many options? Too many decisions?


  • Accountability and attention to details, from your arrival to departure
  • Personal planning for authentic excursions, tailored to YOUR interests
  • Reservations and confirmations for accommodations, transfers, guides, and dinners
  • Pre-travel checklists, local and cultural insights and suggestions.
  • Knowledgeable native contacts, for your stay, for your peace of mind

 The devil’s in the details… so leave him to me.

Cooking Tours of Italy...Indulge!

You keep asking for the magical experience of the Italian table… so we answered with a Taste of Italy, 
Italian Cooking and Food Itineraries, 
a hands on approach to the diverse, regional Italian Cooking styles and on-site visits to the origins of Italy’s delicious bounty! Now, whether you’re rolling your own picci pasta, bottling your olive oil, braiding your mozzarella or hunting for funghi and tartufi, you will be an inspired, gluttonous participant in Italia's CUCINA!

Would you like an idea for your customized, tailor made itinerary?

  • Friends Adventure or Women’s Week for retreat, birthdays, or to honor your friendships
  • Customized Italian Wedding Week for two, or with 40 of your closest friends
  • Family Reunions and heritage tracing in the land of “family ties”
  • Private Get Away to reconnect and celebrate each other
  • Language and Culture Week to improve or enrich your skills
  • Italian Food and Cooking Tour Week who can resist? 
  • Destination Packages, Corporate Events and Team Building Week for a unique set of experiences and solutions  based on your program’s needs and objectives: focused activities, expert lectures, gourmet food and wine days, boating, Ducati and Ferrari driving… 

But honestly, do you really need a reason for a customized adventure to Italy?

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