Dolce Vita Adventures

Travelling through Italy like a local.

Stress less, pack light,
Open your heart and come back richer.
Above all, be a passionate traveler.

"My goal is for you to live Italy fully, with authentic experiences and well connected moments."

Sybil Haynes - Founder/Owner, Dolce Vita Adventures

Sybil Haynes - Founder/Owner, Dolce Vita Adventures

Born and raised in Italy by an Italian mother and American father, I’ve been bi-culturally blessed! From a young age I understood being both American and Italian, as you need me to be is a great benefit to Americans coming to Italy, or curious about the Italian way of life, La Dolce Vita. 

Early on I sought every opportunity to help, teaching Italian Language and Culture, leading travel groups for larger, traditional cookie-cutter companies (they had their place, for awhile) while using my insight and passion to create my own small group adventures and flexible, independent itineraries for family and friends.

One day I realized my Rolodex (yup! long ago) was overflowing and my full time “hobby” had to be reckoned with – so Dolce Vita Adventures was born in 2002. I didn’t set out to create a Travel Agency or Company, no slick catalogues or middle person. Dolce Vita Adventures is just a vehicle for my passion, my simple mission - you and Italy -


What would you consider to be an authentic experience?

In Italy we tend to flock to some of the more recognizable icons, and certainly they have their merit.

BUT, imagine for a moment stepping away from the Coliseum brimming with tourists. Stepping off the ritualistic gondola ride. Stepping beyond the illusion and the stereotypical image of checkered tablecloths, the Leaning Tower key chains and even Capri’s main Piazza, all honestly acquired, valid mental images embedded in our subconscious… 

Instead, experience a day in the vineyard with Vittorio or Riccardo, collecting the bursting ripe grapes, loading the truck and then enjoying a well-deserved lunch back at the farm. Without a doubt you’ll be brought in closer, gain a more authentic understanding of this land and its people. Why not attend a local soccer game? Volunteer at an archeological site?  Let’s try to spend an equal amount of time OFF the bus, feet on the ground, finding a more meaningful way to be enchanted and entwined in the beautiful riddle that is Italy. My native experience will help bring these off-the-beaten-path adventures your way, avoid the double decker and embrace some authentic moments.
WHAT and WHO is connected? Typically travelling to and in a foreign country requires a bit of sharpness, some attention to details like connections – but the term “connected” in my mission means much more…

"Logistical" connections are usually a first concern, wondering whether you've scheduled good flight connections (at least one hour in the Paris airport?), or whether your train stops well connected (which Florence train stop-  countryside Florence Campo Martire or city Florence Santa Maria Novella?). And who do you call when you arrive to no taxi drivers or empty villas? A great itinerary plan is one that is logistically supported and well connected. 

"Social" connections are the color of your journey. Most people are wonderfully open when they travel - curious, polite, patient, aware and respectful of other people and cultures. It’s the most opportune time to make new friends. I hear more stories about the vibrant, warm Italians you’ve met -  the barman with his unforgettable cappuccino who shared political views and taught you an Italian card game - than I hear about what year the Pieta’ was sculpted. Are your hosts and drivers friendly? Will your guide join you for lunch? I hope so.

"Personal" connection, the highest level of connection, though a bit esoteric, retains the “cherry on top” position in my book of travel.
Have you heard of getting lost to find yourself? Travel causes transformation. It’s my ultimate wish that by facilitating your time in Italy, you’ll have a moment to dedicate and reconnect with yourself. While “off the beaten path” of your own daily habits and routines, you’ll see the world differently, see yourself in a new light, and see how many beautiful ways you fit in it. I hope all these moments will bring you joy. 

"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life."
- Fellini (Italian Film Director and Screen Writer)

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