Dolce Vita Adventures

Travelling through Italy like a local.

Stress less, pack light,
Open your heart and come back richer.
Above all, be a passionate traveler.

About the Team

Dolce Vita Adventures’ COLLABORATORS are the core of your Italian experience. We’re blessed with each one’s passion, professionalism and specific skill set they bring to your adventure. 

Families of the villas, BandBs and a select few boutique hotels are gracious hosts. Your “home away from home”  is selected based on location, comfort and value. Your careful, English speaking driver professionally caters to you with fully-insured vehicles equipped with modern comforts. And believing in sustaining local business, we employ only locally licensed, knowledgeable guides, eager to share their knowledge and regional pride with you. 

Outstanding service is rare enough, but they also provide expertise and their own individual nuances - the scenic back road, shortcuts, rooms with the best views, extended Trattoria hours, back door entries and boats with bathrooms (!). Their personal care through the years continues to amaze and reassure travellers like you. 

The last one on your team is a very dedicated tour director: myself. I lead every adventure and as the founder of Dolce Vita Adventures, and more importantly as a native, I’m personally committed to making your every moment in Italy magical.  

I never did anything alone. Whatever was accomplished in this country was accomplished collectively. 
- G Meir

(You can contact our collaborators through the DIY page)


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