Dolce Vita Adventures

Travelling through Italy like a local.

Stress less, pack light,
Open your heart and come back richer.
Above all, be a passionate traveler.

Italophile: admiration and general appreciation or
love of Italy, its culture, society, arts or people.

Join enriching Italophile events, Italian Language and culture classes,
Italian movies, and Italian themed lectures... it's a contagious passion! 
(and be sure to check back for frequent updates)


Italian for Travelers
Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale Campus: 
Tuesdays & Thursdays • May 28– June 25 • 7:30PM-9:30PM  

Italian Travel Seminar
Northern Virginia Community College, Annadale campus:
Saturdays • July 25 and August 1 • 9:00AM–4:00PM 



Learning Events

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