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Travelling through Italy like a local.

Stress less, pack light,
Open your heart and come back richer.
Above all, be a passionate traveler.

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Hello Friends! (Ciao Amici!)

I’ve been listening to you. And watching how your travel has changed these past few years.  One used to go to Italy for some spaghetti and gondola images subconsciously stored in the mind. 

But now, the curiosity, appetite, and expectations for ITALIA have deepened. Everyone has become so much more confident and adventurous about their Italian travel! 

Why? I can’t be certain - but I’m guessing the Internet makes Italian travel info more accessible, in turn making us bolder travelers. Travel has become easier and more enjoyable for many.  
And that’s GREAT NEWS! So I’m changing too. I’m now offering Italian Adventures that are only 1 week long - a bit shorter than the old 10-day or 2-week style trips of the past. 
I’m thinking after a week together, traveling, experiencing and learning some secret Italian how-to’s -  like crossing Rome’s busy streets (*in step behind a local), cutting the line at St. Mark’s (*at the backpack check-in), avoiding tourist traps (*check business hours), figuring conversions on the fly (*cheat sheet), ordering your coffee correctly (*macchiato) or a gelato (*grande)… then you’re ready to spend 2 or 3 days ON YOUR OWN. 
Imagine 1 stress-free week together, with insider intel, enjoying cultural, historical and foodie highlights  - and then adding 2-3 days for the AS YOU WISH.  An extension because maybe you want to spend an entire day in the Borghese Gallery, or searching for that one, perfect, last a lifetime/not a knock-off, Armani bag? 
So here are 2 very different ONE WEEK Italian adventures for this summer, June, 2019.  Pick the one you want, then I’d love to help you add on whatever “solo extension” your heart desires… because 3 days just relaxing on a beach in Positano never hurt anyone.

Happy travels and hope to see you “in piazza


P.S. Sunny Sicily is scheduled for Mid-October. More details to come. 


One wonderful week just for women! Your “me time” lets you take part in the daily life of smaller Tuscan towns, the medieval festivals, parades, flower artistry, hikes, wineries, natural thermal spa days and more. Time to rediscover yourself. Or just have a cappuccino, sit back and relax all week. It’s Italy your way.


Starting on the Adriatic Coast we’ll weave our way west to the Mediterranean side, sail along a stretch of coast line, explore the “heel” of the boot, the smaller fishing villages, baroque Lecce, the trulli of Alberobello, caves of Matera, the Amalfi Coast and finally glorious Naples.

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