Dolce Vita Adventures

Travelling through Italy like a local.

Stress less, pack light,
Open your heart and come back richer.
Above all, be a passionate traveler.


DATES: JUNE 19 - 27, 2019

GRAB YOUR BESTIE, or your daughter, neighbor, or bridesmaids from 30 years ago, come solo or with whoever last heard you say “OMG, we really gotta get together this year, miss you so much!” because you’re invited on another awesome Dolce Vita Adventure


  • Start in FLORENCE, capitol of Tuscany, home to 1/3 of the world’s art treasures (fact!). A popular destination for fashion, street markets and foodies. Explore the historical center, you already know David, but do you know Artemisia? (2 Nights)

  • Move on to the tiny medieval SPELLO for the International Flower Festival. Celebrate along side the locals, pull an all nighter and lend a hand to cover the cobblestone streets with huge colorful designs made entirely of flower petals. (2 Nights)

  • Need sustenance between towns? Got you covered with stops at smaller villages in the Tuscan countryside where we’ll meet expert local wine makers for lessons and wine tastings. Frequent photo stops also because gelato won’t eat itself.

  • You know St. Francis, but what about his protégé and caretaker St. Claire of ASSISI? She traded her luxurious life for simple devotion, established her own order for the poor, resisted corrupt popes and saved Assisi from invaders, twice.

  • Olive groves surround ORVIETO and today’s stunning pageantry, a Medieval Parade. After the festivities explore this cliff top village built on a maze of caves with still visible traces of Etruscans, a pre-Roman society mostly run by women. (1 Night)

  • Annoyed with humans fighting, the god Saturn struck the ground with a thunderbolt where a spring of warm sulphurous waters sprung out bringing peaceful serenity to all. That’s what they say. Test the myth yourself enjoying your full day stay at SATURNIA’s 5 star Thermal Spa/Resort. Relax, Italian style. (2 Nights)

  • Using a footbridge to cross the gorge we’ll walk into another charming medieval village, CIVITA di BAGNOREGGIO. Eroding 3 inches a year, this tiny disappearing hilltop town is nothing short of magical and loves being photographed.

  • Hard to do but we’ll have to say arrivederci tonight in ROME with a proper walk through history, an evening stroll among the most beautiful fountains in all of Italy. Raise a toast to your new girlfriends and the best week E-VAH.

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